About the Photographer : Stuart Masters

I was born in Sydney, and then moved to Adelaide as a young boy. I later moved again to Tasmania with my family, spending over 20 years growing up in Hobart.
My passion for photography and cinematography began back in my teens, mainly taking footage when on holidays, camping or fishing trips. I started holidaying on the Sunshine Coast back in 1985, spending every Christmas here and whenever else we would get a chance, moving here permanently in 1999.
I have worked in many fields from HVAC Plumbing/Gas fitting trade to Commercial fishing and Charter boat captain, just to mention a few.
I have always loved the outdoors and with my wife and two children growing up on the Sunny Coast what better way to spend some time but get involved with surf lifesaving. Both my children started nippers as green caps and are both now in the senior ranks.
I started taking photos/videos at carnivals and training sessions just for my own albums, but as I started to get more technically savvy, I took on the role as club photographer for Maroochydore SLSC. 
I have also dabbled in special function photography, but I prefer sports photography. I also enjoy video editing but that does take quite a lot of time so I don’t get to do as much as I would like.
By no means would I classify myself as a professional photographer, more so an enthusiast, but I do enjoy it and would like to share my passion with you. 

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  • However all images chosen for purchase are shot as a NEF file, then edited to adjust for light, colour and then cropped for best results. Images are set at 300 DPI. 
  • Images selected for purchase will then be uploaded to a folder designated to you on Dropbox, then an email will be sent for you to retrieve the file. If you don't have Dropbox a link to install it will be sent. Dropbox is free for this service. 

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